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I’ll tell you this young lady, Angela Jenks, is wonderful person to have with you along your journey. She was with my wife and I through our last journey with our little boy Benjamin (our 5th). She was right with Michele, working with her and very supportive. I’d recommend her because of the Godly, loving, family oriented woman that she is. A true blessing to any family.

~Family of 7

A wonderful woman and an incredible momma! She had helped talk me through many questions and concerns with both of my children, from pregnancy to potty training.

~Working Mother of 3

She is awesome! So glad she was there with us! Of course ours was almost like a little party for the first half! We were just hanging out talking, then when we got down to business she was such a great support & encourager & ready to help however needed until our little rocket shot out…. LOL. Would use her again in a heartbeat, but we are done! 

~Family of 5

I contacted Angela after I found out that baby had turned transverse at 37 weeks. She promptly arrived at our home to do some baby spinning techniques. She also gave me some exercises and ideas to help baby turn back downward. She stayed in constant contact with me the whole weekend and then eventually through the delivery. We were successful in getting baby back to head down. I would highly recommend Angela to anyone. She is kind, gentle and extremely knowledgeable. Definitely an asset to our delivery. So very thankful for her help and guidance.

~Mother of 3

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