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Welcome and Congratulations!

The journey to parenthood is an amazing, exciting, and miraculous time. You may be full of questions or anxiety.  How you are going to care for this new baby

or handle the birth process? 

Including a doula in your birth team is a wonderful first step and we will provide resources for each stage.



We are excited to meet you and hear all about your pregnancy, your unique family, and how we might serve you.  It is our goal to help you to feel informed, equipped, and ready to welcome your precious bundle!

Parents with Newborn Baby

Getting ready for birth is sometimes difficult, especially if you are faced with complications. We are knowledgeable about birth and comfort techniques. We provide 24/7 support as you progress towards meeting your newest family member! 


Your doula is a vital part of your birth team, working with your partner and your care provider to help you have a supported, judgement-free birth. 


Postpartum doulas help new families in the precious first days, weeks and months after having a new baby. Research confirms that families with a good support team are more likely to start off encouraged, connected, and ready for this parenting journey.


Our goal is to offer grace, reassurance, and support as you try to figure out how to feed your new baby! Together, we will work through issues, bring joy, and bonding to your

feeding journey. Breastfeeding, bottle feeding, and additional support services are available.


private in-home workshops

Inspire Doula Services offers Newborn Care Classes
Newborn Care 
Inspire Doula Services offers Childbirth Education.
Childbirth Education
Inspire Doula Services offers a Grandparent's Class.
Grandparent's Class
Baby Siblings
Sibling and Babies
Doula at Home
Movement in Birth and Beyond


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