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Get Shake'n - Movement in Labor

Get shaken! Get up! Get down! Do the wiggles and the jiggles!

Movement can help promote a more comfortable and effective labor experience. Here are some reasons for incorporating movement during labor:

  1. Pain management: Movement can be an effective way to cope with the discomfort and pain of labor. Walking, swaying, rocking, and changing positions can help distract from the intensity of contractions and provide pain relief.

  2. Encourages optimal fetal positioning: Certain movements and positions, such as walking, squatting, and using a birthing ball, can help encourage the baby to move into an optimal position for birth. This can potentially reduce labor duration and minimize the need for interventions.

  3. Enhances progress and contractions: Movement and changes in positions can help stimulate contractions and facilitate the progress of labor. Gravity-assisted positions, like upright positions, can encourage the baby's descent into the birth canal and promote effective pushing.

  4. Provides comfort and relaxation: Movement allows you to find positions that feel comfortable and can promote relaxation. Rocking, swaying, or being in a supported standing position may help you manage the pain and promote a sense of calmness during contractions.

  5. Increases pelvic flexibility: Movement and changing positions can help increase the flexibility and mobility of the pelvic joints, which can aid in the baby's descent through the birth canal.

  6. Reduces the risk of medical interventions: By staying active and mobile during labor, you may reduce the likelihood of interventions such as augmentation with Pitocin (a synthetic hormone to stimulate contractions) or assisted delivery with forceps or vacuum extraction.

  7. Facilitates natural coping mechanisms: Movement and changes in position can promote the release of endorphins and other natural pain-relieving hormones. This can contribute to a more positive birth experience and reduce the need for pain medication.

It's important to note that every labor is unique, and what works for one person may not work for another. Working with a doula who is familiar with the area of body mechanics, will allow you to create space and balance during the labor process. Our doulas take pride in their knowledge and experience utilizing Spinning Babies and Body Ready Method techniques. Having this training sets our team apart!

Feel free to reach out for more information regarding our services and our one-of-a-kind Preparing Your Body for Birth private workshop!

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